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Pinstriped Vintage Handbags

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Vintage & Pin-Striped
Handbags, Purses & Clutches with Retro Flair.

The kind folks at Retro Lovely magazine say this:
“Recently we saw these bags in person and have to comment the artwork is among the best we’ve seen of its kind PLUS they’re good people.
Do yourself a favor and check them out!


Each bag is one of a kind.
Here are many of our artist Dean’s designs.
The latest collection is available here:  Our ETSY store.
(Information on the artist and our process follows the gallery below)

Dean embellishes these with his own style of pin-striping which is rockabilly rooted and also very classic. This is the old school look many of you are looking for. Dean has been pin-striping for four decades. Hop over to our Etsy shop to see what’s available in our current collection!
Read more about Dean at his Bio page.

We sell hand picked, vintage bags. Signs of wear (if any) are disclosed via listing descriptions and photos on our Etsy store.

This is a family business, and we strive for quality. We hand pick our product and Dean pinstripes each one uniquely. There are no stencils! We choose bags that are in mint condition, with only minor blemishes characteristic of the age. We search for the most unique bags, in the best condition we can get our hands on! We only choose a purse that we would love ourselves.

Although the purses we sell tend to be considered “dress up” bags in our modern era, I use mine daily, while toting around my daughter and the pin-striping has held up well on each!

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