For Sale: Wooden, Carved, Pin-Striped Skull

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Would this not make the coolest conversation piece in your home?

We are proud to bring to you yet another bad-ass piece of pin striping and flame work by artist Dean.

This wooden skull is life-sized! It is said to have been carved in Ecuador. Its impressive beauty is due in part to its amazingly realistic detail. Dean’s embellishments of maroon and gold flames and pin striping enhance the skull, rather than cover its natural glory. The wood grain can still be seen through the paint as it is painted translucent.  Dean has painted every side and crevice – look close, there’s even a gold tooth. The details are subtle, so keep looking…!

This is truly cool and a really unique piece. It would be a novel addition to a home and a very awesome gift.  A definite conversation piece for sure, you’ll be sure to never have a dull moment with this guy in the room.
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