Painted Eagle Feathers – Commissions

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Our artist Cindy recently did two Christmas commissions for painted Eagle Feathers. Since the holidays are over we can now share them with you without fear of spilling the beans!

These are made using replica Eagle feathers as it is illegal to use real, of course (We love our animal friends very much!) However they are accurately sized to the real bird. Cindy has the very unique talent to create a miniature world on these very small canvases and her detail is astounding. If you are interested in a commission of your own, please contact us. We will soon have a listing for custom feathers in our Etsy shop.

These make a lovely gift item for the nature and wildlife lover. Also a really unique item for anyone who is interested in Totemism.

Click an image to enlarge. 

The full size panther feather.

A close up of the panther. The emotion and detail on such a small canvas is amazing.

A full view of the bear with fish scene. Stunning detail, beautiful presentation.

A close up of the bear with fish scene. A mountain view at a river.


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