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Updates on Dean’s works. Metal sculpture fabrication, horseshoe designs, pin striping, flames, hand lettering and more. Rockabilly and Kustom Kulture art and gifts.

Come on, you know you want a(nother) tattoo…Why not let us design it?

You definitely need another tattoo…

Tattoos are such a lovely form of self expression. All of us here at Grease and Grace are tattooed somewhere or another and we’d love to share our design expertise with you!

Check out some of our designs to get ideas for what you may like. Tattoo designs are all custom order *at this time (flash sheets to purchase coming soon!) Contact us for pricing and we can work out a design custom made just for you. Do you have ideas of what you want? Not sure the best way to fit the ideas together? Color questions? We’ll serve you well. Send your idea, sketch, doodle or what have you to us at contact@greaseandgrace[dot]com and we can set you up. Together we can bounce back ideas to come up with your next perfect tattoo!

*Custom order tats will get a high resolution digital copy (after payment) that you can print and take to your favorite tattoo parlor. If you wish to have the original artwork please let us know and we can set up to ship it to you for a small fee.

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Custom jackets for kids

Jean jackets painted for kids.
Jean jackets painted for kids.

We’d like to introduce you to some samples of jackets that were hand painted with original designs for kids! Keep your rock’n’roll kiddo warm in style with a custom hand painted jeans or leather jacket! A most unique gift item, your loved little one will be the most stylin’ on the block.
*As a reminder, we just paint the coats (we don’t sell them) you must provide the item to be painted.
Check out the store for images and jackets for adults as well.
For product pricing or questions contactus.

leather jackets painted for kids
Leather jackets painted for kids.

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New “All Dogs Go To Heaven” Custom Horseshoe in Dean’s Gallery


Dean has been working hard on horseshoes lately. The first of a two piece custom order, here is his latest horseshoe wall hanging.

All Dogs go to Heaven Horseshoe Wall Hanging
All Dogs go to Heaven Custom Horseshoe Wall Hanging

 The shoe reads, “All Dogs Go to Heaven” across the curled metal ribbon. The words “Joy” and “Love” are written on the top. Hearts, decorative pinstriping and x’s and o’s in gold embellish this very unique memorial piece. A leather strap makes a sturdy wall hanger.

If you would like to place a custom order similar to this one you can send Dean a message using our contact form to receive information on *availability of materials, pricing and turnaround time.

*Each piece is unique, no two are exactly the same and that is what makes these very special items. However, you make look through Dean’s Gallery to get ideas from past orders or suggest your own. He will do his best to accomodate based on the availability of horseshoes and other supplies.

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