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Hi, my name is Cindy Hogg. Welcome to Grease and Grace, founded by Deanna Meyer.  We are a compilation of the artistic talents of my husband Dean (the Grease,) my lovely step-daughter Deanna, and myself (the Grace.)

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I was into art and nature at an early age.  An idealistic child of the 60’s and early 70’s, I was always reveling in nature and drawing trees, birds and flowers. I learned to paint from an accomplished local artist who gave art lessons in her home.  My interest continued through high school where I took every art elective offered.  A supportive art teacher inspired me to go to college. I didn’t finish college in one shot. I took a detour, raised a family, then went back almost 20 yrs. later. What a culture shock!

My ideals and style have remained pretty constant through the years. I have a great respect for nature and enjoy painting on almost anything, walls, furniture, driftwood, slate, feathers, barn siding, antiques, tire covers, and occasionally the traditional canvas. Though life gets busy, my late grandmother’s words ring in my ears as a reminder, “Honey, you have to keep painting; God gave you this gift to use it.”

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Facts about me:

•Art training from Jan Murray, Lancaster Co. artist

•Conestoga Valley High School (college prep, art focus)

•Millersville University BSE Art Education 1996


Wife/Mother/Grandmother/Artist/Director of an Early Learning Center/Gardener/Antiquer/Believer in morals and values/Believer in karma/Naturalist.
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