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About Us

The Grease and Grace Family

grease and grace, greeting cards, gift shopEach artist here has their own unique training and background in their particular style of art, along with many years of experience.

Grease and Grace artists pride themselves on craftsmanship and quality.

All of our galleries can be viewed on Pinterest.

Our Artists

CCynthia– Wildlife & Nature themed artworks. Her portfolio includes: Slate, Feather, Mural, Found Item Multimedia, and Fine Art.

DDean – Automotive Art including Welding, Pinstriping, Hand Lettering and Metal Sculpture.

–Cynthia and Dean are married and have been known to occasionally partner on projects.

DDeanna – Author/Illustrator, Designer, Polymer Clay Figurines, Home Decor, as well as Digital & Traditional Painting.

In addition to art, Deanna operates and maintains all aspects of Grease and Grace. From marketing to shipping, customer service, web design, and social media.

–Deanna is Dean’s daughter and they have been known to occasionally partner on projects.


About Dean:

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Dean, of Grease and Grace Art, in Fine Living Lancaster magazine.

Dean’s early 80’s self portrait. ©Greaseandgrace 2017 on.

Hi, my name is Dean Hogg. Welcome to ‘Grease and Grace.’ We are comprised of the talents of two important ladies in my life, my daughter Deanna and my wife Cindy (the Grace) and myself (the Grease.)

I have always been a greaser, probably because I was raised by one. I have always been a motor-head, owning many muscle cars through the years. My current ride is a 1957 Ford Ranchero that I built myself.

I started drawing in grade school and never stopped.  I trained to be a sign painter, now a lost art. I will pinstripe anything that isn’t nailed down. I do Von Dutch, Dean Jefferies, and Larry Watson style striping.

I enjoy making art out of horseshoes.  It has become an obsession. One can never have enough luck!!

grease and grace, horseshoe, sculpture, welding, automotive art, retro art, man cave art, von dutch, flying eyeball, pinstriper, pinstriper dean, handmade, gift, rockabilly art

Pinstriper’s Horseshoe Mixed media ©Greaseandgrace 2017 on.


•Graduate of McCaskey High School 1978
•Willow Street VoTech (Commercial Art) 1978
•Apprentice to sign-painter Rick Straub

Fine living lancaster, greaser, pin striping, rockabilly, kustom kulture, vintage, purses, handbags, garage art, 57, ford, ranchero, hot rod,

Photo ©Fine Living Lancaster 2015


Husband/Father/ Grandfather/Mechanic/Artist/
Pin-striper/Welder/Fabricator/Antiquer/Weight lifter/

Hope you enjoy the art of Grease and Grace!

Be Sure to Check out Dean’s Vintage, Pin-Striped Handbags:

Fine living lancaster, greaser, pin striping, rockabilly, kustom kulture, vintage, purses, handbags, garage art, 57, ford, ranchero, hot rod,

Photo ©Fine Living Lancaster 2015



About Cindy 

Cindy Bio Picture

Grease and Grace artist, Cindy.

Cindy strikes a silly pose with her smock, cap and a painting in the 1980’s!

Hi, my name is Cindy Hogg. Welcome to Grease and Grace.  We are a compilation of the artistic talents of my husband Dean (the Grease,) my lovely step-daughter Deanna, and myself (the Grace.)

galvanized watering can, antique, gardening, painted watering can, welcome sign, dandelion, flowers, nature lover, gift shop, art gifts, gifts for gardener, gifts for her, welcome sign, welcome signs, personalized sign, grease and grace

Galvanized metal watering can with Welcome sign painting. ©Greaseandgrace 2017 on.

I was into art and nature at an early age.  An idealistic child of the 60’s and early 70’s, I was always reveling in nature and drawing trees, birds and flowers. I learned to paint from an accomplished local artist who gave art lessons in her home.  My interest continued through high school where I took every art elective offered.  A supportive art teacher inspired me to go to college. I didn’t finish college in one shot. I took a detour, raised a family, then went back almost 20 yrs. later. What a culture shock!

My ideals and style have remained pretty constant through the years. I have a great respect for nature and enjoy painting on almost anything, walls, furniture, driftwood, slate, feathers, barn siding, antiques, tire covers, and occasionally the traditional canvas. Though life gets busy, my late grandmother’s words ring in my ears as a reminder, “Honey, you have to keep painting; God gave you this gift to use it.”

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Bear in mountain River miniature painting on faux Eagle feather. ©Greaseandgrace 2017 on.


•Art training from Jan Murray, Lancaster Co. artist

•Conestoga Valley High School (college prep, art focus)

•Millersville University BSE Art Education 1996


Wife/Mother/Grandmother/Artist/Director of an Early Learning Center/Gardener/Antiquer/Believer in morals and values/Believer in karma/Naturalist.

grease and grace, gift shop, native american, cattle skull, painted skull, cow skull

Painted cattle skull by Cynthia.


About Deanna

Deanna Meyer Illustrator

Behind the scenes at a Retro Lovely photoshoot.

Dean and Deanna, greasers together in the 1980’s.

The idea for ‘Grease and Grace’ began over a period of years when I had many conversations with my dad and step-mom about starting a business combining all of our artistic skills. Then one day we decided to stop talking and start doing.

My style ranges from the rockabilly pinup scene, to botanical and spiritual designs. Therefore, you’ll find quite a variety of items in my repertoire.


More Information, Videos, and Credentials


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